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Quake Editing Digest Volume 1 : Number 11

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quake editing digest
 · 20 Apr 2024

quake-editing-digest       Sunday, 17 March 1996       Volume 01 : Number 011 

WAD Conversion sketch


From: Bernd Kreimeier <Bernd.Kreimeier@NeRo.Uni-Bonn.DE>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 21:59:26 +0100 (MET)
Subject: WAD Conversion sketch

I thought again about the recent discussion of the
possibility of a WAD conversion, and I recognized that
I forgot one important detail. IMO the 2D BSP and a
REJECT lump w/o special effects contains all information
necessary to create a valid Quake BSP.

We do not need a new BSP/REJECT builder for conversion.

Any such converted map will still have only one floor
and ceiling per z coordinate, or BSP and REJECT would not
be sufficient for conversion. Nonetheless, the advantages
seem to be worth the effort.

I refrained from posting a lengthy but still sketchy
proposal to the list. If you are interested, you will
find a pointer on the Quake Developers Support page,

I have a deadline on easter weekend, and will probably
not do much on this until then. If somebody is already
working on this, please let me know.



End of quake-editing-digest V1 #11

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