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Optical lenses in ancient Egypt

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 · 12 Jun 2024
Optical lenses in ancient Egypt
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Egypt is a fantastic land, full of fabulous myths, legends and symbolism. But even from a technological point of view it didn't have much to envy of the current world.

Among the most impressive technical skills was the grinding of the very hard quartz crystals used in the representation of the eyes in the statues. A wooden statue in good condition still shows the perfect smoothness of the Hyaline Quartz crystals, which perfectly rendered the translucent transparency of human eyes.

A similar ability made it possible to create today sight lenses, microscopes and telescopes and this was perhaps the secret of the great knowledge of Astronomy on the part of the inhabitants of the Land of the Pharaohs. A technology forgotten by europeans for over 2500 years and which was only rediscovered during the Renaissance.

The statue of Pharaoh Auibra Hor, found in Dashur and dating back to around 1340 BCE, shows the astr
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The statue of Pharaoh Auibra Hor, found in Dashur and dating back to around 1340 BCE, shows the astral body Ka on its head: the eyes are lenses made from a very hard quartz, a real Oopart because official science does not attribute the Egyptians similar technical knowledge (which they evidently had).
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