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WeatherZine #21

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 · 19 Feb 2024
... e weather. [3] Correspondence -- Correspondence from our readers Dear WeatherZine: The most recent issue was very poignant, indeed. Whether realized or not, the theme of editorial #1 ties together those of guest editorials #2 and #3 (see WeatherZine #20, www.esig.ucar.edu/socasp/zine/20/). As a National Weather Service meteorologist, and one who has dealt with several of these issues from both sides of the fence, I felt compelled to respond. The Prediction Hall of Fame (www.esig.uca ...

Amazons International #4

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 · 12 Feb 2024
... 6'3'', 210 (or so) lbs, dark hair and eyes, very attractive with a very pleasant personality. If she's married, her husband is one lucky dog! Regarding 'Amazon Explorers Club' -- I joined several years ago, (I was like member #20 or so) life membership was then (may have increased) $110, includes the club newsletter and the 10% discount on everything. Information can be obtained either by writing: Deena Zarra P.O. Box 651 New York City, 10011 or phone: (212) 807-6252 (she ha ...

Free Word Press Volume One - Issue Five

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 · 9 Feb 2024
... f munitions in schools would make us all feel much safer. I can just picture Ms. Krackenburg pinned behind her desk, trying to lay down a barrage of cover fire, so the rest of fourth period can leap, single-file, out of a second story window in room #203. All this because Jake Gretson couldn't get another mini-carton of chocolate milk to go with his pizza-wheel at lunch. It's because of ideas like these that I feel it is my duty as a citizen, and a periodic taxpayer, to offer up my two cent ...

Reading for pleasure Issue 21

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 · 12 Jan 2024
... ---//** ^ SECRETS OF THE SUPERNATURAL Investigating the World's Occult Mysteries by Joe Nickell with John F. Fischer (Prometheus Books, 1991, ISBN 0-87975-685-3) <<Howard Frye>> Joe Nickell (see a review of his WONDER-WORKERS! in RFP #20) investigates ten different types of apparently supernatural events in SECRETS OF THE SUPERNATURAL, using level-headed investigative techniques to illuminate subjects that are more often left in the hands of unmovable believers or nonbelievers. The ...

The Groom Lake Desert Rat: Issue 22

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 · 29 Dec 2023
... ry is true and look for new information that will tell us more about it. If the story is true, isn't it the biggest news event in the history of mankind? Don't the people have a right to know? Yeah, yeah, we've been through all that in DR#20. We believe that if the story is true, it will come out only when it "wants" to come out, when society has reached a level of maturity where it can take such an event in stride. It doesn't help to get outraged and try to force the disclosure. It ...
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