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Toxic Shock is an e-Zine released from 1989 to 1991. The list of the issues is: 001 The Fetus 002 Horny Toad Spree 003 50 Uses for the Household Pussy 004 Freddy Meets the Gestapo 005 Night of the Fetus 006 Fetal Department Stores 007 Roadkill Anarchy 008 Tele-Anarchy 009 Downfall of Coathanger 010 Runaway Pubic Hair 011 Fetus Got His Chainsaw 012 the young like it bloody 013 A Woman Dies 014 Fetus Conspires Child Porno 015 Home for the Holidays 016 Fetus' Christmas 017 The Song 018 The McDonald's Conspiracy "A Bang for a Burger" 019 My Mind 020 The Philosophy of the Community Cricket 021 The Stampede 022 Future of Game Machines 023 How To Trash 024 When A Fetus Takes A Bath 025 How Must I Beat Thee? 026 Fetal Poetry for Baters 027 Fetus Admires a Decade 028 A Night In December 029 Bum Dialogue 030 America : Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. 031 More From The Bums 032 The Three Dildoed Goats Rough A Parody of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" 033 Fetal Nursery Rhymes (Fun for the whole family!) (Great for use in Day Care Centers!) 034 Cat Music 035 Terrorizing The Dog Bitch 036 Where Is My Brain Going? 037 Psychotic Orthodontists From Hell 038 Refrigerator Sex 039 Late-Night Canoeing 040 A Man and His Love 041 Flamethrower 042 People You Meet In Elevators 043 Ode to Elvis 044 Miscellaneous Oddity 045 Fuck You 046 The Merciful Father 047 A Bad Period 048 Fetus Punishes A Rapist 049 Fuck You Too: I Hate Your Guts 050 MEET THE TOXINS 051 Prophecies of the End Times 052 PMS : Post Mortem Syndrome 054 Fetus Takes A Day Off 055 Trix Are For Kids 056 Druglore and Draft-Dodgers 057 The Guide to Telecommunication Terms 060 BIRTHQUAKE! 061 Ed Rosenthal Counterculture Hero of the Year 1989 062 Poison Ivy 063 Drug Tests : the shape of things to come... 064 Earth 066 Burn The Flag! 067 How to Leave the Planet 068 The Final Conflict 069 The Flaming Fetus Issue #1 070 Green Consuming in Perspective 071 The Bummers 072 Evolving Into Our Past 073 Getting High Herbally 074 Nihilism And You Part I : A Nihilist's Perspective 075 Mac IIfx Product Review 076 Danzig II : Lucifuge 077 Killing Yourself 078 Pot Reform 079 The Chemisty of Reefer Madness 080 MIAMI (AP) 8/1/89 Church Challenges Animal Sacrifice Laws 081 INSIDE URINALYSIS 082 Clever Hans 083 Driving a slut crazy just for kicks 084 ACTIVIST NEWS Pot Prohibition Leads to Law Abuse 085 The Louse and the Flea Brother Grimms Fairy Tale #30 086 Parity: the Drug Paraphernalia Issue 087 The Next Battleground 088 The Driver 089 Acme Checklists 090 Damn It 091 An Interview with The Streptococci 092 Stud Trashing Master's "Doobie Smokin" 095 Drug Addiction? 098 On Abortion and the Protectors of Nature 099 WOD #3: The Hallowed Day 100 The Flaming Fetus Issue #2 104 The Sower Reaps
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