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Quake Editing Digest Volume 1 : Number 2

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quake editing digest
 · 20 Apr 2024

quake-editing-digest       Thursday, 7 March 1996       Volume 01 : Number 002 

Quake data structures
Re: reference library design/mdl file formats


From: Tom Wheeley <>
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 96 01:02:37 GMT
Subject: Quake data structures

In article <Pine.LNX.3.91.960304211022.296A-100000@portal.atak> you write:

> On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, Denis wrote:
> > It would be quite interesting to know, what we will need for Quake
> > at the end - id 'said' that they will release their map-editor, for
> > Win95 and Linux - so, there's actually no need for others. Are they
> > going to release File-Tools and stuff too?
> I would be interested to know if they are planning to release the source
> for their editor too: I think they also 'said' that they would release
> the source code for the quake server, but with the current implementation
> of it (part of quake itself), this does not look possible unless the
> quake server is re-written to be external to quake itself (as well as
> internal).

Are id still thinking of releasing Quake as .o files as mentioned by <mumble>
in comp.<mumble>.djgpp in quaketalk? I think the idea was that you would
thyen get 'server.c' (gross simplification, I'm sure) and manufacturers could
then easily write their own 'device drivers', and then release them to be
linked in when Quake is played.

Even if id do release an editor, it will be a while before they do, and it
may even be limited (even if not intentially).
- --
* TQ 1.0 * The 'Just So Quotes'.
"They're filming Rocky V now. This one's being billed as `Rocky's Greatest
Challenge', so I guess there's an IQ test involved."
-- Jay Leno


From: "Brian K. Martin" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 13:08:07 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: reference library design/mdl file formats

> Two additional remarks: for radiosity-style calculation of lighting/shadow
> maps, I definitely recommend taking a close look at the HELIOS sources that
> are now publically available, written by Ian Ashdown. As for slow but
> doable 3D preview, I recommend looking at the Mesa library. Both referenced
> on the "overview of resources" page, which, like "recommended readings", is
> cross-referenced now at

If anyone want's to learn 3d texture mapping techinques, I strongly
recommend 3DGPL.ZIP at

You will learn enough there to make a portable and solid 3d rendering



End of quake-editing-digest V1 #2

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